Dr Rashel Whiten & Tightening Feminine Wash
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Dr Rashel Whiten & Tightening Feminine Wash

KSh 1,800


The whitening & tightening feminine wash is the first natural and safe skin tightening feminine wash, and is enriched with natural ingredients for maximum skin tightening effect. Helps tighten and tone vaginal walls to maintain that youthful honeymoon-fit. It works toward blocking out and eradicating all kinds of unpleasant odours, itchiness and discharge. Keeping the vaginal area clean, refreshes, soothes, deodorises and keeps the intimate area protected and comfortable throughout the day, suitable for daily use.

Apply to:

Regular cleansing to help maintain women’s private protective barriers. Daily care, gentle maintenance, good condition. Before and after menstruation, wash excess secretions, more refreshing. Travelling, take special care of the private parts during the trip care. Sports swimming, not sweltering, refreshing and comfortable.

How to use:

Put a small amount on your hand and apply it on the external vaginal area during the shower, a bath, or in-between time. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.



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