Dr. Rashel Feminine Intimate Foaming Wash
- 14%

Dr. Rashel Feminine Intimate Foaming Wash

KSh 1,200

BENEFITS : Traditional soaps and shower gels can disrupt the delicate PH of intimate skin, causing irritation and discomfort, dryness and sensitivity, this feminine foaming wash with foaming properties of plant-based cleansing ingredients gently cleanses and refreshes the intimate area, can solving vagina itching, a bad smelling vaginal discharge, odour, burning, soreness, pain with sex etc…problems. Leave you feeling refresh and confident all day.

HOW TO USE: Rinse with water private parts. Lightly press 3-4 times, apply the foam on outside the private parts. From front to back, clean private parts sequentially. Rinse thoroughly with clean water



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