Generic Vagina Tightening Gel
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Generic Vagina Tightening Gel

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Vagina Tightening gel function;
1, Shrinking tight After using 21 days as tight as ever, repairing the private elastic fiber tissue, so that the private parts
will as tight.
2, maintain beauty and keep young Open the private part of the immune function, keep healthy and refreshing, away from women’s problems, improve skin tone, restore good looks.
3, Cleaning and Nourishing the vagina. regulate the normal secretion of private parts, nourishing vagina and warm uterus.
4,Relieving itching and dispelling taste itching and odour leucorrhea abnormal, odour itch, purification of various private parts

1. Clean hands and vulva before use;
2. Open the outer applicator package and remove the outer cap;
3. Align the thrust safety socket and gently push the drug;
4, the natural supine position, the buttocks are high, the legs are separated, inserted into the vagina, the body position is
maintained for 5-10 minutes after administration; one for 1-2 days.



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