Slimming Effervescence Tablet
- 17%

Slimming Effervescence Tablet

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Effervescent tablets weight loss
✅Helps you burn calories, lose weight effectively
✅ Contains many enzymes good for digestion
✅ Limit the accumulation of excess fat in the body
✅ Drink before meals as a type of body DETOX to be healthy, slim
✅ Perennial slimming from thighs, abdomen, arms, neck, waist
✅ Shorten fat loss time
✅ Restores loose skin to become naturally firm Safe, effective without side effects How to use the slimming effervescent tablets

* Each time drinking effervescent tablets with about 100ml of water.
* Use 2 capsules a day. 1 tablet each time. Use about 30 minutes before breakfast and before bed. For people with stomach pain, high blood pressure, cardiovascular: Should be taken 30 minutes after breakfast and before bed.

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