Female Genital care Bacteriostatic Ointment
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Female Genital care Bacteriostatic Ointment

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1.For female vagina caleanness, effectively removes the rubbish and toxins of metabolism in vagina and the uterus.
2.Detoxification and bacteriostasis. Maintain an acidic internal vaginal environment.
3. Impove microcirculation, Eliminate skin’s colour spot, make skin smooth, white and elastic recovery.
4.Return to normal levels of estrogen, regulating menstruation, effectively impove menstrual pain, lumbar debility and other symptoms.
5.Effectively inhibit growth of bacteria and fungi, suitable for women daily disinfection and health care.



Apply appropriate amount of this product to vulva or vagina , stay for 2-3 minutes , and then rinse it.

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