Facial Steamer(2 in 1 Nano facial steamer)
- 8%

Facial Steamer(2 in 1 Nano facial steamer)

KSh 3,500

  1. Help in moisturizing and hydration. Also wonderful for skin condition improvement, controlling oil, removing blackhead and wrinkles and more.
  2. Nano water molecule: Turning water into nano water molecules, after opening the pore, the fine water molecules go directly to skin base, quickly replenish water
  3. Simple switch: One key to start, easy to operate
  4. Plug-in design: With 1.35m power cord, convenient for daily use
  5. Measuring cup: Comes with a measuring cup, practical and you can add the water easily. With only one cup of water at a time, you can steamed face for 8 10 minutes


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