CoverTeeth Cosmetic Denture Care
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CoverTeeth Cosmetic Denture Care

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2 Pcs Perfect Fit Teeth Whitening Tooth Cover Snap On Silicone Smile Veneers Teeth Upper Beauty Tool Cosmetic TeethDescription: 100% New quality

Colour: White Package: with bag Features: A special custom mold can mask the skewed, stained and notched teeth. It is an excellent substitute for expensive braces. Beautiful dentures make you smile more. Removable, reusable temporary smiley device. Please clean after use.

How to use:

1.Put your teeth in a cup of hot (almost boiling) water for 1 minute. This will make them flexible and ready for customisation

2.Using a mirror, firmly attach the Instant Smile Teeth to your existing teeth. Pre them firmly against the teeth and gently pre the material behind the real teeth with your thumb

3.After 30 seconds, gently loosen the teeth from the mouth and then cool in a glass of cold water. The material turns white when hardened Note: If you feel that the size of the braces is too large and the teeth are uncomfortable, you can shorten the distance between the ends of the cuffs and use scissors to remove excess teeth. (This is an operation that cannot be repaired, please be sure to confirm and then execute)

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